Rally of Hope

World Christian Leadership Conference


11:30 PM (CET), 05 December 2020

The Rally starts in:


A Movement
to Build a World of Peace

Abolishing Racial Discrimination

Eradicating Poverty
and Starvation

Ending Religious

"Racism, religious intolerance, the desecration of nature, and other misfortunes of our world are the result of serious problems in the human heart. That's where we should approach the solution of world problems.
The hatred in the heart of man must be replaced with love"

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon

Hosted by the Mother of Peace

A calling to contribute to humanity’s well-being through:

Calling All Believers to Unite and Heal the World:



An economy shared by all people 


Mutual Prosperity

Governance where all people can participate 


Universal Values

Ethics practiced together by all people

WCLC Rally - 05 December 2020

Great speakers and entertainment

In a time of great division, the people of God must take a stand

WCLC Rally - 05 December 2020

Meet the Speakers

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon

Mother of Peace
Co-Founder UPF International

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim

Chair, Promotion Committee,
World Clergy Leadership Conference

Bishop Noel Jones

Senior Pastor, City of Refuge, Gardena, CA

Pastor T.L. Barrett

National Executive Member, ACLC

Dr. Luonne Rouse

National Co-Chair, ACLC

Pastor Paula White

Spiritual Adviser to
President Donald Trump

Cardinal Kelvin Felix

Roman Catholic Archbishop Emeritus of Castries

Prophet Samuel Radebe

Founder, Revelation Church of God

Archbishop George A. Stallings Jr.

North American President, IAPD

Archbishop Chrysostomos Celi

Orthodox Church, Ecuador

Pastor Stephan Kim

Co-Chair, KCLC

Archpriest Vladimir Fedorov

Orthodox Church, Russia

Bishop Don Meares

Evangel Cathedral

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Sat. December 05, 11:30 PM CET

Live Broadcast

  • Date: December 05, 2020
  • Time: 11:30 PM CET
  • Venue: Online 
  • Participants: VIPs and guests from all over the world 
  • Host: Universal Peace Federation (UPF)
               World Christian Leadership Conference (WCLC)

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December 05, 2020 at 11:30 PM (CET)

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